Tiny homes make sense

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Our pilot tiny home project has proven itself a worthy alternative to homelessness.

The recent Anglicare Rental Housing Snapshot revealed that if you receive Newstart or Youth Allowance there is no affordable rental housing available to you! How do we change this reality for so many young people?

Since handing the keys to Pacific Link Housing and Coast Shelter a year ago, our four tiny homes in Gosford have changed the lives of six disadvantaged youth.

Each young person has re-engaged with education and employment opportunities, their mental health has improved and two have exited to more conventional rental accommodation.

As a community, we can replicate this project across Australia, and change lives for vulnerable Australians. Tiny homes are a flexible and innovative building form that is gathering momentum as a housing-choice for many. 

Our 'housing-first' model prioritises housing and wraps around social supports so that residents have the best possible foundation to step forward with dignity and independence.

We feel deep gratitude to all the organisations that helped bring this project to life and we look forward to working with you on our next project, designed specifically for women and children.  

We are indebted to Treehouse Creative for their production magic and the generousity of East Gosford & Districts Community Bank, Branch of Bendigo Bank for their sponsorship. Many thanks to all.