Social cause boosts engagement


Solving two of our most significant social challenges, homelessness and unemployment, drive our charitable goals and why we recently partnered with the Australian Apprentice Association (AAA). 

This relationship builds on the experience we gained over the last 18 months constructing our tiny home pilot project with Work for the Dole participants.

Managing Director of AAA, Nick Humphreys, identified that,

‘Courses achieve stronger engagement when participants are contributing to an important social cause. It’s not just training for the sake of training; they take ownership over their projects and pride in the work they produce because they know they are putting a roof over someone’s head.’

During October and November the partnership delivered three localised pre-employment courses to over 20 job seekers looking to secure work in construction related industries. The social engagement of job seekers to construct homeless accommodation and pre-employment skills training is inspiring participants ... in the words of one participant, Kevin Wisham, 

‘When I found out that it was building homes for the homeless that took my do this I am helping people on the streets who have no place to live.’

Three job agencies across the Central Coast, Advanced Personnel Management (APM), Max Employment and Employment Services Group (ESG), have taken advantage of the pre-employment construction courses. Feedback from APM's Regional Manager, Amanda Watson has been more than encouraging,

‘APM are proud to be involved with the Tiny Homes Foundation…and the feedback that we have received from our participants and staff is that it is highly effective, relevant, addresses social issues and provides an uplifting environment for our youth to gain relevant skills and build their self-belief…’

AAA's wrap-around model also provides an online job matching platform called ‘employ one’ where course participants, job seekers and school students, can post their profile and be suitably matched with local employers and commence apprenticeships or traineeships. The Association supports the apprentice or trainee through to completion of their qualification.

This model, combining social enterprise and pre-employment skills delivery, is replicable around Australia and would realise a significant contribution to both homelessness and unemployment nationally.

If would like to learn more about how we can help you replicate this social enterprise model in your community, please email [email protected]

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