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02/07/21 Radio ABC Newcastle Breakfast chat with Dan, broadcaster, following a week long feature on the housing crisis in the Newcastle region.   
07/05/21 Radio ABC Illawarra, Breakfast Kellie and Ian Lynch from Pacific Link Housing discusses with Kelly Fuller tiny home opportunities after Minister Melinda Pavey announces land partnership possibilities  



ABC News
Donal Sheil

Tiny Homes Foundation and BackTrack think big to help at-risk youth build a future




ABC News Donal Sheil

NSW Country Breakfast Saturday Morning

Donal interviews participants in Backtracks tiny home construction project




ABC Weekend Mornings with Simon Marnie

Simon chats all things tiny with Chris Wenban, Australian Tiny House Association President, Guido Verbist, Bower Centre Cooperative Manager and Kellie Parkin, Tiny Homes Foundation Project Manager.




ABC Sunshine Coast Mornings

Presenter Tim Wong-See speaks with Kellie about tiny homes as a solution to homelessness



Digital print

Midland Express

Tiny homes to tackle homelessness




ABC Newcastle

A survey conducted by Anglicare Australia of 69,000 rental properties across Australia found that there are ZERO rentals affordable for a single person on Newstart or Youth Allowance in any major city or regional centre.
Kia Hanley spoke with Kellie about how tiny homes can provide a solution.

Click here for Anglicare's full snapshot 



Digital print

The Herald

Tiny Habitat Homes aims to reduce homelessness in senior women




ABC Central Coast

Mornings with Scott Levi, talks with Kellie about the launch of our crowdfunding campaign.




ABC Online

Tiny house crowdfunding project helps vulnerable women in homeless hotspot




ABC Sydney

Following Federal Govt. announcement that there will be research into prefabrication with specific mention of tiny houses, we chatted with Cassie McCullagh about the success of our pilot project and our new project for women and children.

07/02/18 Radio ABC Central Coast Fairhaven Services builds recycled pallet furniture for tiny homes  
07/02/18 Digital 2DAY/2GO There's No Place Like (A Tiny) Home  
08/02/18 Radio ABC Central Coast Mary Louise Vince interviews David Wooldridge following the formal project launch  
08/02/18 Radio ABC Sydney Chris Bath interviews David Wooldridge on the succes of our Gosford project's OPEN DAY  
08/02/18 Digital Central Coast Express Advocate Charity group reveal their incredible mini homes in Gosford  
08/02/18 TV NBN Home Sweet Home: The new housing project in Gosford  



YC Group

Home is Where the Heart is; The Tiny Homes Containing So Much Heart




Coast Community News

First DA-approved tiny homes project in Australia opened




Pacific Link Housing

Tiny home pilot project




Housing Info

Tiny Homes Pilot Project




ANZ bluenotes

Big promises, tiny homes





Architecture and Homelessness: What Approaches Have We Seen?




Sanctuary Magazine

Tiny homes, big community




City of Kalamunda

An Analysis of Regulatory Opportunities and Constraints to Tiny
Houses on Wheels in Western Australia: Why Tiny Houses are the
Next Big Thing





Nice to Meet You – Lily Fink

02/12/17 Print PIA and New Planner Journal Planner tech: 3 trends to watch in 2017, Joc Consulting  
21/01/17 Print Sunshine Daily online and Weekend magazine Could your family live in this space?  
19/04/17 Radio ABC Radio Central Coast Scott Levi, ABC Central Coast speaks to Nick Humphries from The Skills Generator  
26/04/17 Video NBN TV Central Coast Tiny homes taking shape   
01/05/17 Digital Sponsor Fluid Plumbing Are Proud Supporters of the Tiny Homes Foundation  
26/04/17 Radio ABC Central Coast radio Central Coast tiny homes need you!  
16/06/17 Print The Guardian  'A shoebox that feels bigger than it is': tiny homes for the homeless  
03/08/17 Radio   FM 107.7 2GO Shelter highlights housing for National Homelessness Week  
02/08/16 Print ProBono Australia Australia's first tiny home project in NSW, Lina Caneva  
02/08/16 Print MountainWatch (CoastalWatch) Australia’s First Tiny Home Project Approved For NSW Homeless  
03/08/16  Radio ABC Central Coast Radio interview with Scott Levi • Click to listen  
12/08/16  Radio ABC Central West Radio interview with Kia Handley • Click to listen  
15/08/16  Radio 702 ABC Sydney Radio interview with Wendy Harmer • Click to listen  
16/08/16  Print Tiny housing community for homeless in Gosford, Danielle Cahill   
17/08/16  Print The Urban Developer Housing Approval A ‘Tiny’ Step Towards Solving Homelessness  
17/08/16  Print The Daily Mail Australia Is this the answer to Australia's housing crisis? Tiny 14 square-metre homes costing just $30,000 are being trialled as a way to get people off the streets
17/08/16 Print NBRSArchitecture Blog  NBRS Designs Tiny Homes – Adaptable Units for Tiny Homes Foundation  
18/08/16 Video NineMSN  This $30,000 fourteen-metre house could end homelessness for good  
18/08/16 Radio ABC Radio National Drive Radio interview with Patricia Karvelas • Click to listen • ABC Tiny homes for the homeless  
19/08/16 Print   Tiny houses helping homeless  
19/08/16 Print Daily Telegraph  Welcome to tiny town  
22/08/16 Print Architecture Design  NBRS partners with Tiny Homes Foundation to design single occupancy units for the homeless  
22/08/16 Radio ABC 666 Canberra Interview with Adam Shirley • Click to listen  
24/08/16 Video NBN News Central Coast leading nation with tiny homes  
28/08/16 Radio 4BC Brisbane Interview with Kevin Turner •  
29/08/16 Radio ABC Radio National Life Matters Interview with Ellen Fanning • Click to listen • ABC Build small to live large  
30/08/16  Print ABC online Australia's first Tiny Homes Foundation project to be built for homeless on NSW Central Coast • Shared on 702 ABC Sydney facebook   
30/08/16 Print Starts at 60 These cute tiny homes are set to make a big difference for the homeless  
03/09/16 Video ABC News 24 Interview with Adrian Raschella and Miriam Corowa from ABC News24  
03/09/16 Print The Huffington Post Australia Tiny Homes Could Be The 'Springboard' Australia Needs To Ease Homelessness   
01/10/16 Print Raine and Horne online Could tiny homes revolutionise the Central Coast  
08/10/16 Video ABC 'Australia Wide' Tiny Homes pilot aiming to put an end to homelessness  
03/11/16 Radio ABC Digital Radio Australia Wide  Interview with Sonya Feldhoff   
23/09/15  Radio  Coast FM Deb Lennon Broadcaster Deb Lennon and Gosford City Councillor Bob Ward talk about Tiny Homes Foundation two year pilot program.  
23/09/15  Video NBN News Gosford Council Green Lights Homeless Accommodation   
25/09/15 Print Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate Tiny homes offer sanctuary