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Tiny Homes Villages & Organisations 

A number of tiny home villages and organisations are springing up around the world in a response to a lack of affordable housing and rising rates of homelessness.

  • Infinity Village 
  • Occupy Maddison Village is a tiny homes village built for an by people experiencing homelessness. 

  • Quixote Village consists of 30 tiny houses, a community garden, and a common space with showers, laundry facilities and living and dining space.

  • Dignity Village is an official homeless encampment that has a number of tiny houses, community gardens, communal kitchens, internet access, access to education and counseling and more.

  • Community First! Village is a 27-acre master-planned community that will provide affordable, sustainable housing and a supportive community for the disabled, chronically homeless in Central Texas.

  • Lemon Cove Village in northern CA is a tiny house community that had transitioned from an RV park.

  • Boneyard Studios was founded in 2012 in the District of Columbia, is a showcase of tiny houses on wheels with a mission to demonstrate creative urban infill, promote the benefits of tiny houses, support other tiny house builders, and model what a tiny house community could look like.

  • Orlando Lakefront is a lakefront, year-round tiny house community/RV park in Orlando, Florida.

  • Sunshine Ranch is a ecovillage in Osteen, Florida, developed by the nonprofit Paint It Green.

  • Towering Pines Vineyard is an organic farm and learning centre, Indiana.

  • SoFair Farms is a intentional ecovillage community on 20 acres in Fairfield, Iowa. We support organic farming, local enterprise initiatives, and sustainable community development.

  • The Sanctuary village consist's of approximately 8 lots for parking tiny houses, 2 permanent tiny houses and a common area in the center. Village lots to park your tiny house are available for rent, on a monthly basis.

  • Caravan is a boutique hotel located in the heart of the popular and funky Alberta Arts District in Portland, Oregon. Caravan is an urban oasis where travelers from around the world can experience what it’s like to stay in a beautiful, custom-built tiny house. 

  • The Village of Wildflowers is located on 26 acres and founded on the belief that smaller is smarter. Whether you're looking for a vacation or second home, planning for retirement, or starting a family, The Village of Wildflowers is a unique community offering good neighbours and all the amenities of resort style living. 

  • Coral Sands Point Recreational Village is a certified park model tiny homes, offers deeded waterfront sites, each with a private pier

  • High Cove is a eco-village in Mitchell County, North Carolina, that welcomes small and tiny houses. The community has architectural and landscape guidelines as well as a homeowner's association. 

  • Highland Lake Cove is an eco-village that welcomes small and tiny houses.

  • Camp Tiny House of the Triad is a tiny house community and ecovillage in North Carolina. 

  • Lovare Homestead is 7 acres of communal farm and orchard with room for 6 tiny houses in Ohio.

  • Simply Home Community is a tiny home village located in Portland, Oregon.

  • Our Tiny Safe Haven Village is a low cost retreat experience that promotes holistic healing through off-grid tiny house homesteading, wellness workshops, and family bonding events. In addition, several lots are available for permanent resident families who would like to become part of the safe haven community.

  • Austin Live|Work is a mixed-use 10 acre land development for tiny house entrepreneurs who want to live peacefully and work productively.

  • Smart Communities is a not for profit volunteer organization that explores the most economical and legal solutions in developing Smart (Tiny House) pocket Communities in Ontario. They facilitate the joining of small groups of people to work together with the common goal of establishing a pocket community of tiny houses which helps sustain their lives financially and provides each with more freedom.






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