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23/09/15 ABC Central Coast  Scott Levi interviews Mayor McKinna who says Gosford City Council is working with the Tiny Homes Foundation to trial a program to help deal with homelessness in the region. He says council will lease two blocks of land to Tiny Homes at no cost for temporary housing options.
23/09/15   Coast FM Deb Lennon Radio – Broadcaster Deb Lennon and Gosford City Councillor Bob Ward talk about Tiny Homes Foundation two year pilot program.
23/09/15  NBN News Gosford Council Green Lights Homeless Accommodation 
25/09/15 Central Coast Gosford Express Advocate Tiny homes offer sanctuary 
02/08/16 ProBono Australia Australia's first tiny home project in NSW, Lina Caneva
02/08/16 MountainWatch (CoastalWatch) Australia’s First Tiny Home Project Approved For NSW Homeless
03/08/16  ABC Central Coast Radio interview with Scott Levi • THF clyp
12/08/16  ABC Central West Radio interview with Kia Handley • THF clyp
15/08/16  702 ABC Sydney Radio interview with Wendy Harmer • THF clyp
16/08/16 Tiny housing community for homeless in Gosford, Danielle Cahill 
17/08/16  The Urban Developer Housing Approval A ‘Tiny’ Step Towards Solving Homelessness
17/08/16  The Daily Mail Australia Is this the answer to Australia's housing crisis? Tiny 14 square-metre homes costing just $30,000 are being trialled as a way to get people off the streets
17/08/16 NBRSArchitecture Blog  NBRS Designs Tiny Homes – Adaptable Units for Tiny Homes Foundation
18/08/16 NineMSN  This $30,000 fourteen-metre house could end homelessness for good
18/08/16 ABC Radio National Drive Radio interview with Patricia Karvelas • THF clyp • ABC Tiny homes for the homeless
19/08/16   Tiny houses helping homeless
19/08/16 Daily Telegraph  Welcome to tiny town
22/08/16 Architecture Design  NBRS partners with Tiny Homes Foundation to design single occupancy units for the homeless
22/08/16 ABC 666 Canberra Radio interview with Adam Shirley • THF clyp
24/08/16 NBN News Central Coast leading nation with tiny homes
28/08/16 4BC Brisbane Radio interview with Kevin Turner • THF clyp
29/08/16 ABC Radio National Life Matters Radio interview with Ellen Fanning • THF clyp • ABC Build small to live large
30/08/16  ABC online Australia's first Tiny Homes Foundation project to be built for homeless on NSW Central Coast • Shared on 702 ABC Sydney facebook 
30/08/16 Starts at 60 These cute tiny homes are set to make a big difference for the homeless
03/09/16 ABC News 24 Interview with Adrian Raschella and Miriam Corowa from ABC News24
03/09/16 The Huffington Post Australia Tiny Homes Could Be The 'Springboard' Australia Needs To Ease Homelessness 
01/10/16 Raine and Horne online Could tiny homes revolutionise the Central Coast
08/10/16 ABC 'Australia Wide' Tiny Homes pilot aiming to put an end to homelessness
03/11/16 ABC Digital Radio Australia Wide  Radio interview with Sonya Feldhoff 
02/12/17 PIA and New Planner Journal Planner tech: 3 trends to watch in 2017, Joc Consulting
21/01/17 Sunshine Daily online and Weekend magazine Could your family live in this space?
19/04/17 ABC Radio Central Coast Scott Levi, ABC Central Coast speaks to Nick Humphries from The Skills Generator
26/04/17 NBN TV Central Coast Tiny homes taking shape 
26/04/17 ABC Central Coast radio Central Coast tiny homes needs you!
16/06/17 The Guardian  'A shoebox that feels bigger than it is': tiny homes for the homeless