About us

Tiny Homes Foundation is a not for profit organisation dedicated to providing socially, environmentally and economically sustainable affordable housing solutions and support for people experiencing homelessness.


The Tiny Homes Foundation pilot program will serve as a prototype for a new and innovative way to address Australia's growing affordable housing crisis though the development of Tiny Home villages in partnership with state and local government. The Pilot Program will comprise 4 to 6 tiny homes, a common space offering amenities and meeting facilities for the provision of welfare and education services.The project aims to work within a collaborative supported service model that seeks to address the needs of people experiencing and at risk of homelessness. We are an open source model to encourage other such projects across Australia, please check out our Projects page for more information.

At Tiny Homes Foundation we believe we can make a difference one tiny home at a time.




  • From the blog

    Tiny homes taking shape in Gosford


    We received our Construction Certificate in early January with many thanks to Professional Certification Group, Wall to Wall Design + Consulting and Skinny Whippet Building Services for helping us reach this milestone. Since then we've been busy digging holes, laying pipes, filling trenches and jackhammering footings.

    The last three weeks have been the most rewarding for everyone involved as floors went down and frames went up. Our four homes and two common rooms now have roofs and each day they seem to settle a little more into their landscape.  

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    Introducing Hayley, Tiny Homes Foundation Ambassador


    Hayley had no idea what a healthy relationship looked like for the first 20 years of her life. From the age of 14 Hayley was in and out of homelessness. 

    Since finding permanent housing that is safe and secure Hayley has become a passionate advocate for people experiencing homelessness and affordable housing. 

    We are incredibly pleased that Hayley has agreed to lend her voice to our endeavours to solve homelessness. We admire how Hayley, despite her disadvantaged background, is using her experience to shape solutions and guide discussions focused on housing and promoting dignity, safety and stewardship for anyone experiencing homelessness. 

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